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Simple yet outstanding

ABABA is an advanced solution that allows you to connect your visitors with your kitchen. Make your customers happy by reducing their waiting times and improve your sales with ease!

With ABABA you will be able to raise the quality of your service and increase profit without spending tons of money on hiring additional staff or installing expensive software.

How? Just read on!

Book a table online

Accept table reservations

Let your customers book tables without answering phone calls, texting, chatting or emailing. Accept reservations with a single click!

Okay I'm in

Get instant orders to a kitchen

Allow your customers to browse a real-time menu and receive orders straight to the kitchen. Poof and you're ready to go!

Where do I sign up?
Order stuff with a phone

Safe and convenient payments

Thanks to our virtual tabs you will be able to reduce the number of transactions, pay less commissions and collect payments with Stripe.

Sounds good!

Got more features? YOU betcha!

Free exposure

Once ABABA, you always ABABA! Each time we launch an ad campaign, your bar will get free visibility to attract more potential customers!

Free website

Forget about all the efforts of building a website. Join us and instantly get a neat-looking online web menu for your customers. Approved by!


Prevent Covid infection from spreading and save your employees by eliminating unnecessary contact and keeping social distance.

Cross-sell possibilities

Once your waiters have less manual labor they pay more attention to customers, which means more sales of food, snacks and beverages!

Staff motivator

Don't let your crew lose tips when customers don't have cash. Motivate your personnel by giving them a chance to collect tips straight to their bank accounts.

Master of menu

Hearing "Sorry, we don't have that anymore" is so sad... List items on sale or remove them from your menu and never say that statement again!

ababa is completely free!

Yep, ababa is truly


Everything we develop is free to everyone. From displaying the menu of your venue, to adding different variations or extras of your products or upselling customers. All of it is free.

  • FREE website under your domain
  • FREE Automated national certificate (Galimybių pasas) checker
  • FREE tailored flow designed specificially for your venue
  • FREE offline tipping feature

except for online payments via the app

2% + 0.25€ per one tab

The only fee of ababa is online payment or when the customers pay with their card in the app itself when they close their tab. Everything else is free.

When customers pay online, they can also leave online tips that go straight to the bank account of your staff!

Common questions

I don't have waiters, does it still work for me?

It works both if you have waiters or not. The difference is the notification the customer gets when the order is ready - "Come pick it up/we'll bring it to you soon".

What if it doesn't work for me?

The only thing you need to know if ABABA is for you is a tablet. If you won't like ABABA you can just stop and you're done. No commitments, no hard feelings!

It's a lot of work adding menu items?

That is understandable and easy to fix. Send your menu and pictures our way and we'll upload it for you for free!

Does it integrate with my POS?

No, but you don't need to! We'll send an invoice to the customer via email. You will be the seller, they - the buyer. We'll provide a file upon your request to import to your POS if you track orders there.

Here's how you join ABABA


Contact us

We'll help you register your bar, add menu items, upload some cool pics to get you going.

Get Started


Stick some QR's on your tables

We'll deliver you free QR stickers, you stick 'em down, find yourself a tablet and install "ababaKitchen".


Start accepting online orders

Customers will scan QR code, select what they wanna get, pay for it and send their order to "ababaKitchen".

Still not sure?

Let's talk about your bar

We're not some huge corporation! Just a small crew, who got super bored waiting for our drinks one time and decided to make an app to solve this. Let's talk and see if you want to solve this as well?

Leave your contact details and we'll get back a.s.a.p.

Or call us at +370 636 805 33